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Spiritual Detachment Versus Attachment

Spiritual Detachment is the releasing of your spirit or energy from your mind, body, aura or soul by deliberate or unintentional action. Spiritual Attachment is when an entity attaches itself to your mind, body, aura or soul.

1) Firstly, how does a spirit detach itself?

Reason: Physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse leading to the influence of negative entities

Spiritual Detachment can happen when a person has sustained physical, verbal, emotional or sexual abuse and this person asks for help or is open to assistance from negative and dark energies or entities because they appear to be stronger or more aggressive than the person who is perpetuating the abuse on them. A person would then use the energy or entity to defend them since there does not seem to be anyone else to help them. The spirit or entity does help them in these situations and unfortunately when the help is no longer needed, the person does not realize that they need to release this negative energy or entity and help it return to the light for it’s own healing. At the point it is no longer needed, then it attracts negative people or situations so that it can feed off the destructive energy created by these people and situations. This is why abused people think that they are always a victim and that they are not entitled to positive relationships and success in their lives.

So How Can We Retrieve The Spirit?

Spirit Retrieval is NOT a Simple Process; it involves collecting and returning to you those lost, split off, discarded, sold, abandoned, neglected, forgotten bits and pieces of your self, namely your light, your wisdom, your knowledge and your power. Spiritual DNA restoration and rewiring occurs during the time your spirit’s components are reintegrated back into their original body.

There is a lot more involved in Spirit Retrieval work besides retrieving the spirit back from where it has wandered, but the process is not impossible, it can be done. The key is to find out what caused the problem in the first place and then work on repairing the spirit. Sometimes a person will need a therapy such as; crystal therapy, candle therapy, sound therapy, chromotherapy or a combination of things, but again, it can be done. So, if you find yourself reading this, it might be for a reason.

2) Secondly, how does an external spirit or entity attach itself?

Reason: Addictions of all types

When a person has an addiction which is very resistant to recovery, this can also create a form of spiritual attachment from an external source. It could be either an unrelated energy which has attached itself to the person with the addiction, or the person had an addiction in a previous life, or it could be the spirit of an ancestor that has crossed over who had an addiction. The reason for all of this is because spirits which had a similar addiction when they were alive do not want to face the fact that their life ended because of their addiction and do not want to give it up for the high it brings. After crossing over, these troubled spirits look around for someone who has their addiction so that they can attach themselves and continue to experience the addiction through that person. Unfortunately, a spirit like this makes the person very irrational, stubborn and resistant to change and can also change a person’s personality and ways of behaving in that they can become very aggressive and abusive when confronted with their addiction. So How Can We Get Rid of An Unwanted Spirit Attachment?

The first step is acceptance in the world we live in. It is very easy to say “that can’t be real “or “I don’t have that problem”. 

But the most important thing is to accept and want to help yourself. There can be 100 people working night and day with you to assist in your time of need, but if you don’t want and accept the help it will do nothing for you because in regards to spiritual works faith and confidence are your most important tools.

We are not all the same so when it comes to your spiritual health, how can we all be helped in the same way? We can’t. A person needs to find the right fit as to what works for them. It’s important that they feel comfortable with what they are doing. Some people find  Prayer Therapy works for them; but if you’re not religious, Prayer Therapy will not work for you. There are different ways to detach an unwanted energy, it is felt that crystal therapy meditation and chromotherpy sessions particularly help because they get one to release energies in a  calming way.

This article has been written to let you know there is hope and if you feel you have experienced Spiritual Detachment or Attachment, please know is not your fault. You cannot change the past but you can now start on reshaping your future. But the most important thing of all is to have a good knowledgeable spiritual advisor, someone who will help guide you through your journey find out what works and what doesn’t and someone who can help you grow.

Blessings to you!

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